Google LLC is an American multinational technology company focusing on artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. It has... Wikipedia

  • Formerly called:  Google Inc. (1998–2017)
  • Type:  Subsidiary (LLC)
  • Industry:  Internet, Cloud computing, Computer software, Computer hardware, Artificial intelligence, Advertising
  • Founded:  September 04, 1998 in Menlo Park, California, United States
  • Founders:  Larry Page, Sergey Brin
  • Area served:  Worldwide
  • Key people:  Sundar Pichai (CEO), Ruth Porat (CFO), Thomas Kurian (CEO of Google Cloud)
  • Products:  Search, Workspace, Android, Waze, Pixel, Nest, Full list
  • Parent:  Alphabet Inc.
  • Subsidiaries:  Adscape, Android, Endoxon, FeedBurner, ImageAmerica, Kaltix, YouTube, ZipDash
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo